What is AI Art?

AI art, also known as artificial intelligence art or generative art, is a form of artistic expression created by an artificial intelligence system. AI art is typically generated from algorithms that are programmed to create specific visual effects and outcomes. Algorithms are simply a set of rules that, when applied to data, will produce a desired output. We have defined that the word algorithm means “a procedure for solving a problem in a finite number of steps”.

To explain it in terms that you and I can relate to, AI art is art made by computers. It’s like a robot assistant that can help make various kinds of art with your word prompting. For example, AI art might create paintings that have a lot of bright colors and shapes that look like something out of a dream. AI art can also create music or poems using words or sounds that humans might not come up with on their own. AI art gives us a new way to explore what art can be.

AI art can range from basic things like a single-color background to complex works of art with dozens of colors, shapes, and patterns. Unlike traditional art techniques such as painting or sculpting, the AI artist does not use a paintbrush, clay, or canvas to create the artwork himself (I will use himself for flow, but please apply however to your own preference, such as she/they/them) but uses programming language to tell a machine how to generate it. With this method, the artist has more control over the outcome of the artwork. Generative artificial intelligence systems create digital art, which has been around for decades. Many people don’t realize that it is humans creating and training the algorithms that the AI art platforms output. Humans train each model to create specific visual effects and outcomes. AI can generate abstract art, or art with complex elements that may be difficult for some of us to draw individually.

For instance, I absolutely love art but always felt left out when my friends who could paint and draw would create stunning and creative art pieces and what I had inside myself stayed stuck in my mind. I am autistic and sometimes it is hard for me to express what I am thinking through traditional art. Somehow my attempts always end up looking like a gray puddle or a person with backward stick legs. I have a vast imagination of visual words and creative pictures that run through my mind all day. Through AI, those very thoughts can reflect and express what I want through art.

You may relate to that also, or you may be a talented traditional artist that wants to add AI art into workflows, for inspiration or to add an unlimited number of ways to express yourself through art. You don’t have to be autistic to be in the same frustrating art situation as me. Maybe you too, attempt after attempt, walked away from your passion for art because you were not using the right tool that works for you. AI art tools have allowed our imaginations to take center stage. So, whatever it is for you, it will be a part of your exploration and journey with AI art. Remember with AI art, it is almost limitless what you can create and all you must do is allow your imagination to explore and to ask the robot assist to help make it for you. There are a few tricks to it and we will go over that in this book.

As I mentioned, AI art is virtually limitless in what it can create. AI art can range from basic things like a simple subject to complex works of art with dozens of colored patterns, creating atmospheric energy all within the image you had inside of your imagination. Unlike traditional art techniques such as painting or sculpting, the artist does not physically create the artwork himself but uses programming language specific for AI to tell the machine how to generate it. With this method, the artist has more control over the outcome of the artwork and can explore new modes of expression.

Why AI art? There are three main reasons you should learn AI art. First, it is a new art form. No one has ever created anything like this before. You likely have seen no one do this before, so that makes it really exciting for you to use your passion for art and to see such beautiful outcomes and not just in a puddle of gray. It is always fascinating to try something new. It is not like bungee jumping that comes with some crazy risks; it is using what you are comfortable using daily and just making your world brighter.

Second, AI art and AGI are something that you will have to learn and know, as the developers will implement it in just about every app, software, and even home appliances. The world will continue to move forward with or without you, and it will be a good idea to be knowledgeable about AI art, as you don’t want to be left behind. It won’t ever take the place of traditional art, as that will probably be even more and more appreciated as society continues.

Lastly, it is awesome to express yourself. AI art allows anyone to create beautiful art from a true human expression. You can create art that reflects your mindset or current emotions or experiences and keep it to yourself or share with the world. I have found while working with others and my personal experience that having the ability to use expressive art can be cathartic. It can build confidence. It can allow our human spirit to shine.

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