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“Complete Guide To AI Art” is your ultimate resource for understanding and mastering AI art.
Detailed instructions on how to create AI art suitable for beginners and experts alike.
A library of seven customizable prompt parts that can be mixed and matched to craft unique artistic prompts.
A collection of ready-to-use prompt examples to jump start your AI art journey.
•Advanced creation and editing tips for your AI art.
Inspiring use cases, highlighting the potential of AI art to create positive social impact in education, work, healthcare, design, home life, and more.

AI art can have a positive social impact in various industries and segments of society, such as the workplace, social media, education, healthcare, and entertainment. AI art can create interactive art that helps children with autism understand emotions on people’s faces or to create customized picture books and sensory art exploration activities. It can also create visually stunning images, videos, and animations that are optimized for engagement on social media, or to create interactive art installations that provide a fun and engaging experience for event attendees. Limitless uses for positive impact!

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Complete Guide To AI Art

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AI Art Book

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