AI Art Clinic Representative (see role description below)

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We need a salesperson to sell our AI educational services on a commission-only basis. You’ll work remotely and be responsible for generating leads, closing deals, and meeting weekly sales goals. Our products range from $4,000 to $18,000, with a 20% commission rate per sale. We provide a CRM system and a virtual sales office to meet with clients. You must have previous sales experience and be comfortable working on commission-only. We will onboard the clients and do the educational workshop and create a roadmap and any other educational service they bought upfront. You will present the roadmap after the 30 day period we have to build it with suggestion products/services. Any add on’s you sell before, on or after with the client you also get 20%. Your pay will be based on how much you sell. We will provide you with training to go over materials you you will use in the sales process and a virtual sales office to meet with clients. Our passion is to educate and help organizations integrate AI, learn what models or software would benefit them and provide a roadmap to do so. We offer long term packages for support, one time or short term. We also have add-ons like building tailored AI models or SOP’s for their teams or organization as well as in person workshops.Your job would to generate sales, present roadmap and sell any add ons. We do the rest